Plant Lady - Taylor Honey

Plant Lady - Taylor Honey

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Plant Lady Collection by Sarah Reinitz

Sarah Reinitz, the artist, created this plant lady collection inspired by Fourth & Spruce's plant-loving, boho vibes. Each plant lady is hand-drawn with ink, then hand-painted with watercolor. They are not printed or mass produced, so this lady is one-of-a-kind, just like you! :) Awww. 


Taylor Honey (this plant lady) was drawn and painted on 5x7 watercolor paper. Taylor is passionate about saving the bees, but does so in styleShe is ready to be framed and displayed on your wall, a bookshelf or your desk (or anywhere your heart desires). Don't be surprised if you hear a bzzzz around your home. 


We carefully package this drawing with any additional products you purchase from Fourth & Spruce in one package. We are mindful about our footprint and we choose to use recyclable packaging, including the packing peanuts, which are biodegradable - she's the bees knees!