Meet the designers of our current collection: 


 Trina Kochanski is the co-founder, lead teacher and designer at Fourth & Spruce. Trina is a multi-talented wizard who pretty much does anything she puts her mind to. Trina has a master's of accounting and cosmetology degree, so she can cut your hair and do your taxes at the same time. In 2018, she decided to step away  from doing hair full-time to pursue becoming a product designer and business owner. She designs and teaches our macrame classes and creates most of the macrame products featured on our website. Macrame isn't her only talent though, so keep your eyes out for more fun creations from Trina in the future!  



Jaclyn Gleason is a Northern Kentucky area mental health therapist by day and potter by night. She first began wheel throwing at Loyola University of Chicago while receiving her Bachelor's in Psychology and reignited her passion for clay only several years ago. She is inspired by clean and simple form, muted glaze colors and has spent significant time crafting unique geometric jewelry with gold tones. Ceramics continues to be a release for Jaclyn and she hopes her work puts a smile on you or a loved one’s face! Jacyln collaborated with us to create one-of-a-kind ceramic products for our first product collection. 



Sarah Reinitz is a Metro Detroit native and a mom to 3 young boys. She's always had a love for drawing, painting, writing and design. She graduated with a degree in Psych from Oakland University and worked in the 9 to 5 world for awhile. After the birth of her first child, she decided to stay home and quickly realized her heart was looking to get back into the creative process again! She started her Etsy shop, "Doodle and Dwell",  which began with custom cartoon style ink and watercolor family portraits. Sarah collaborated with us to create this fun, quirky and whimsical "Plant Lady" collection of one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn and hand-painted art.  We hope the ladies put a smile on your face! 


Brittney Zuzindlak is the co-founder, marketing and operations director at Fourth & Spruce. She also teaches Macrame classes with Trina. Brittney is a market research and brand consultant by day. Her passion to create has been instilled in her since she was a little kid creating Nature and "Clever Letters" Clubs and making scrapbooks. She has a knack for decorating homes to feel cozy and stylish and an eye for unique vintage items. She created some of the plant hangers featured in our new product collection and hopes to continue to build a brand that you'll love.